Hope and Health for Haiti

Who We Are

Our Corporation

Bethesda Referral & Teaching Hospital, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation with the principal purpose of organizing and operating the hospital in Haiti. The corporation includes a Haitian non-governmental organization whose duty is the day-to-day administration of the hospital. All assets are owned by the U.S. corporation and the governance decisions will reside with the Board of Directors of the corporation.

Our Purpose

This hospital exists to glorify God by improving the quality of healthcare so that Haiti will be among the leaders in the Caribbean and a model for improving healthcare in other low-income countries.

Our Mission

To answer God’s call to give real hope to the people of Haiti, expressing His love by providing high quality healthcare, medical education, and employment.

Our Values

• We are a faith based organization

• We will be honest and ethical in all interactions

• We will have a spirit of inclusion by involving North American volunteers, hiring hospital staff, and caring for patients from all religious faiths and ethnicities

• We value partnerships and collaboration

• Construction will be primarily driven by a consideration of the safety and security of the staff and patients

• Care will be provided at no cost for those with no or limited income

• We will be frugal with donor contributions and look for the most cost effective means of accomplishing our goals without sacrificing quality

• In all of our interactions we will adhere to Haitian law and be sensitive to Haitian culture

• We will involve the Haitian medical, political, and social community leadership in the development and operations of the hospital

• Our focus will always be to provide high quality, evidenced-based medical care


“Declaring the result from the beginning … Yes, I have spoken, I will bring it to pass; I have purposed it, and I will do it.”

Isaiah 46:10-11